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Fear And The Herd Instinct

January 15, 2014 posted by TLB Staff 


By: Zine Larbaoui


“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” ~ Charles Mackay

For all the MSM and Politician’s lies, the truth abounds on the alternative media. Evidence that the mainstream media and politicians are lying to us are prevalent to the point that the former are instinctively associated with untruth and disinformation. Inconsistencies are such that even a child could easily detect them. Yet, the vast majority of people refuse to see the truth and continue to believe absurdities that are vomited every day in the so called “mainstream” media.

Truth passes through three phases:
• First it is ridiculed.
• Second it is fiercely and violently opposed (denial and refusal).
• Third, it becomes self-evident.
-Arthur Schopenhauer

Life in Groups and its Associated Fears: There are two broad categories of people: the category of those who have passed the phase of denial and refusal, and that operate in the next phase (1-10% of the population) and those who remain stuck in the denial phase and who can not, or rather, refuse to move to the next phase (90-99% of the population).

But why is the majority of the population stuck in phase 2, denial, and refusal? They may sometimes evolve into the next phase, but they always come back and stagnate in denial, the refusal to believe the truth despite numerous and indisputable evidence.

To understand this, we must introduce the concepts of life in a group, of life in society, the relationship between people and talk about Man’s three basic fears in a group. It is admitted that, beyond the will to procreate and the fear of death, the behavior of an individual within a group of individuals is mainly determined by three main fears: the fear of being humiliated, the fear of rejection and the fear of being ignored.

Observe the people around you, watch people in groups, observe how they act and dwell on behaviors that seem abnormal, strange, hypocritical, wicked, weird, illogical, etc. Then ask yourself this question: Why, in this group, has this person acted in such a strange manner whereas, in the name of logic, integrity, kindness and for the common welfare, he or she would have acted differently?

If you are looking for the root cause, you will see that in almost all cases the behavior was motivated by one of three basic fears of that subject in a group: being humiliated, rejected and ignored.

Why did this teenager start smoking when he did not like it? Because the majority of teenagers in his group do and he was afraid of being rejected or humiliated by others. Why this homosexual does not tell people he does not like women? Because the majority of his entourage is heterosexual and he is afraid of being rejected. The examples are endless.

Now back to our second category of people, those who are stuck in denial; let us now try to understand the reason for the denial: to fight against these fears and to cover themselves from the potential danger of being humiliated, rejected or ignored, individuals within a group generally tend to think like the masses and behave like the masses. Thus, following the herd, acting as an opiate, alleviates the fears inside.

Friedrich Nietzsche termed this phenomenon “herd instinct,” to resemble as much as possible other individuals in a group or society and thus limit the potential risk of being humiliated, rejected or ignored.

With regard to the case of a teenager smoking, it must be understood that the subject only smokes to look like the others (being cool in their own terms), in an effort to feel accepted, thus ensuring the integrity of the group. This is where you realize that apart from a few lone wolves, Man is undeniably made to live in groups. Otherwise He would not be invested in these efforts of integrating himself and look like others.

When it comes to current events, people stuck in denial are confident that the majority of the group, who believe in the “mainstream” media, are on the side of the truth. They are convinced that when these media are trying to ridicule a lost sheep who has an alternative view, as a nut case, a conspiracy theorist, they are citing that the rest of the group believes in the “facts” presented by them as the true version. And naturally, each individual in the group, for fear of being rejected, humiliated or ignored, begins to believe that what the media says, everyone else believe.

To summarize, if the majority of people refuse to see the truth, it is only for fear of being different, fear of being in the minority, for fear of being rejected, humiliated or ignored.

In this case, you will ask, why some men (like us) dare to think and believe differently? Why are these individuals not afraid of being rejected, humiliated and ignored? Again there are two categories of people. The first are the lone wolves who despise life in a herd and refuse to be influenced by the fears mentioned above; these people are highly educated and tend to think critically. These individuals are very rare and feared by the ruling class.

By now, you are probably getting the sense why democracy was instituted and is being disseminated worldwide. You see, the ruling class uses the tyranny of the majority and its inherent sheepish character for thinking and acting alike, to get their agendas passed. It is interesting to observe the degree of sheepishness in the American people; it is such that, after being radically dumbed down and stripped incrementally of their freedom of range, that they are ripe for additional and brutal shearing under a regime that will resembles Stalin’s Russia.

Now that you know why people are stuck in denial and what stands in their way, help them get out, help them open their eyes. How? Show them they are not alone. Help them regain confidence. The next time you’re in a group, assume your convictions and dare to speak. You’ll see that in affirming and demonstrating loud and clear that you do not believe in lies and propaganda, others will regain their confidence, will find that they are not alone and get out of their deafening silence.