June 17, 2024




Satanic evil with the Corruption will end.

~ While some time still remains to “Repent” the question becomes which side of the conflict will you be on? ~

Prophecy reveals that divine intervention will take place when the evils of the world have reached a certain threshold. In the past only eight people were spared while the human population of the whole world were killed off. The reasons stated in Holy Scripture for the Great flood, which cleansed the earth of evil was “Wickedness and Corruption”.

The great deluge that happened in the days of Noah did not eradicate evil. For as the population of the earth increased evil returned and has reached Colossal proportions. A stronger and permanent solution is needed to free the world once and for all times of the enormous evils that plagues the world.

The solution that has been foretold is the separation of those who have chosen the idolatry of money commiting their lives to wickedness, and forsake all that is good. Our temporary existance as mortals will include situations which will determine whether one has sold their soul to satan by accepting payment to carry out his wicked plans in the world. Eternal fire is Almighty God’s plan for those who have proven their refusal to accept truth, and what is right and just.

Much pain, agony, and torment will be for those banished to the place called Hell.

In the turbulent closing years of this era, this documentation of worldwide corruption is published here as a testimonial, as to why the great severity and everlasting torture of those banished from the surface of the earth is required and well justified.

The whole focus is that the ancient war of Good an evil will soon be ending, however great destruction will take place before the end. When speaking of the “the end” this is speaking of the end of this present era. The end of the first era took place with an worldwide storm resulting in a enormous flood, that left abundant proof (to the terrain) as documentation. Great loss of life and destruction is what one can expect at the end of this present era.

It has been foretold that great trouble (tribulation) shall take place worldwide for 42 months before the ancient war has ended which will also mark the end of this era. Understand much trouble will be taking place, and gradually escalating before the final 42 months of tribulation.

An very critical time in all history is the time proceeding 42 months of satanic destruction now is the time to make the choices on which side each individual will commit his life too. Those who work to further the plans of Satan have committed themselves to the losing side of the conflict, and cooperation with the works of evil confirms one’s commitment.

From the very beginnings of mankind’s existence on earth Satan has urgently worked to take as many people as possible down to unto the bowels of hell with him, and a third of the fallen angels. The fallen angels have no choice and deception is used to limit knowledge in terms of one’s “immortality” and all that it means. Much of Satan’s deception involves keeping people misinformed and distracted while running the clock down on one’s ability repent and avert eternal damnation.

The so-called New World Order is actually very old, and started in Babylon under a wicked tyrant called Nimrod. He came to power mainly due to the fact that he was a great hunter, and at that time a large concentration of animals overpopulated the area after the great flood. So Nimrod gained prominence by “keeping the people safe” through his skills as a hunter.

He also decided to build a great and high tower in rebellion against God to unite the people of the world into a worldwide religion and government. He also built the tall structure to save the people in case another great flood would cover the earth. The tower of Babel was never finished, and the people no longer spoke in one language as one finds today. The New World Order is Satan’s second attempt at world dominion, however it will never be completed just as the Tower of Babel.

This blog reveals the many workings of Satan in an effort to provide useful information, and to make clear where all the evil wickedness is leading. Making the correct choices on one’s eternal existence is the most significant efforts one can make. Not everyone has a choice in changing his or her fate and many already have reprobate minds.

A complete understanding of the history of the first two human beings informs us of one major point, which is that Adam and Eve as well as those following them were never suppose to die…this is the original plan of Almighty God.

The adversary Satan has only to set-back the original plan, and did not destroyed it. After the ancient war of Good and evil has ended, it’s eternal life, and not death each individual will be faced with. The “second death” is called the “living death” for those who share in the fate of Satan and the fallen angels. The devil is a liar and the so-called New World Order is really talking about the bowels of hell, so of course this is a despicable trick, but understand with everything done by Satan, and the followers of Satan it’s always something of critical importance that is never revealed.

Almighty God has always been about life and his creation is clear confirmation of this, but it’s life free of the great burden of evil that has yet to be achieved. Satan is about lasting death and his temporary riches are linked to an horrible fate which is concealed. On the other hand those who’s name is written in the Lamb’s book of life will find unending joy and gladness.

One’s permanent existence is of supreme importance to each individual. Death is only temporary for we mortal human beings were made in God’s image. The God of Heaven lives forever and the original plan for us human beings is to live forever. The prophecy of Holy Scripture will be fulfilled soon along with our judgement. To choose life is to align one’s self with the Heavenly Father and his son Yeshua/Jesus who he raised from the dead. Our Lord the King of this earth will be returning soon for those who have chosen life. It will be the living death for those unfortunate souls whom Satan and the fallen angels have deceived into his new world order beneath the surface of the earth.

Many of those aligning themselves with demons must Repent while some time is still available.

Doing the devil’s work for money is how many will be lured into idolatry