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The Radioactive Nature of Jewish Thinking–Transforming the Garden Of Eden into the Little Shop Of Horrors

Those of us still registered as guests in the Hotel Reality note with a certain amount of amusement the growing number of people–including pretty important folks no less in stature than El Presidente Obama himself–who have figured out that there is a problem, and specifically with this creature known as Israel. More importantly, they realize that this “problem” is not some trivial, localized issue affecting only a few unimportant po’ folk thousands of miles away in places such as Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, etc, but rather that the whole Israeli situation is like an inflamed appendix–tiny in its size, but deadly enough to destroy the entire body politic if not removed or dealt with rationally.

The obvious evidence that they see this problem is the fact that America–despite the tsunami of shrieking and screeching from organized Jewish interests in the last few years–is dragging her feet in getting the next war against Iran started, to say nothing of the whole drama between the US and Israel regarding the settlements in the West Bank. Having realized that the chickens of hell have indeed come home to roost in the form of a barely-alive US economy as well as the fact the rest of the world looks at America (rightly) as Israel’s favorite whore, these same characters have suddenly begun to take the business of national survival seriously. Only now are they are beginning to realize that the same kind of havoc the West has assisted in creating in places such as Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere is like nuclear fallout that spreads everywhere, and as such, having decided that “it’s personal this time,” something’s got to be done about it.

Unfortunately, that’s how it is with moneyed, powerful people living a life of privilege. They’re as inclined to take an interest in the terrible goings-on outside their gated communities as it is for the proverbial camel to pass through the eye of a needle or a leopard to change its spots. As a rule (and matter of principle) people with money don’t give a good Goddamn about whatever terrible dramas are taking place in the lives of others a mere few blocks over. As long as things are hunky dory in their little corner of paradise, than the rest of the world can go to hell in a hand basket, literally, while they themselves sleep soundly at night like babies.

This was exactly the mindset in operation when all this present madness was in its embryonic stages, when the guy from the synagogue with mad, darting eyes showed up with a box of matches on that hot summer day and proposed lighting one and dropping it on the bone-dry forest floor.

What we are referring to here of course were those early days of the 20th century when a bearded lunatic named Herzl was making the rounds, palm-pressing with Europe’s elite and pushing for the creation of this thing known as the “Jewish state”, coaxing his would-be suckers along with the song and dance that if they emptied their ghettos onto the shores of Palestine that all Europe’s ‘Jewish problems’ would be solved. Understandably this certainly must have seemed inviting to the bourgeoisie of Europe, given the predominant role these same Jewish creatures played in all sorts of recent upheavals, beginning with the French Revolution and then followed by the myriad of Marxist uprisings and various attempted (and sometimes successful) assassinations of several European leaders.

Obviously, judging by events today however, these folks, the ‘smarter, better’ people of the West’s intelligentsia never stopped to consider what might unavoidably come from dropping the lit match of Jewish thinking (and its accompanying destructive behavior) on the floor of a drought-besieged forest known as the Middle East. When we today as rational individuals in the 21st century consider the prospect of sending a sub-culture of people whose entire identity is rooted in a backwards, regressive world view created by patriarchs whose claim to leadership was the fact they heard voices in their heads commanding them to dispossess, slay and enslave the peoples of the very same region, what else could be the result? People today wonder why–from a community of people addicted to a religio-pathology such as this–there is scant noise concerning the 2006 bombardment of Lebanon, Operation Cast Lead, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and upcoming wars against Iran and Syria?–Read the newspapers coming out of Israel sometime and see for yourselves–“God told us to do it, and who are we to refuse?”

The other possibility of course is that they–the “better” and smarter people of the 20th century West DID consider all this, but rather than weigh the long-term liabilities instead looked only at the short term benefits. This of course could only be achieved by ignoring the laws of Mother Nature, in this case the fact that fire by its very nature spreads, meaning that eventually the same inferno created by the West would grow and eventually find its way into the “better” neighborhoods of Europe and America. What did they think, that by virtue of their “betterness” that somehow some higher power was going to step in and intervene, bringing about some smaller variation of the great flood that would keep all hell from breaking loose?

The problem with what we see taking place today within Western circles wanting to reign in the Jewish state however is that it is way past late in terms of dealing with this problem. Deciding in 2010 to start dealing rationally with an organically-irrational state such as Israel is like someone finding out he or she is riddled with cancer after a lifetime of chain-smoking 4 packs a day and then deciding to quit cold-turkey in the hopes that by removing the cause of the disease that the disease itself will go away and the body will be back to its old self. As we hate to be the bringers of bad news, the ugly truth is that they are a day late and a dollar short, as the old saying goes. Enjoying first class accommodations on the Titanic, nevertheless what’s done is done and there is no going back now. The waters are rising and all the crying and praying in the world is not going to change anything. Mother Nature has spoken.

As Obama and various leaders in Europe wring their hands in worry over the fact that the world is now held hostage by this tiny, inflamed appendix known as the Jewish state, ready to burst and who has made it clear that if she goes down then the world goes down with her, all they can do is deal gingerly with the patient as if it were a canister of highly-volatile and unstable TNT.

The reality is this–they, meaning the Jewish interests sitting at the helm– own our countries, through control of our governments, media, financial systems, churches, etc, etc, etc. The radioactive nature of Jewish/Zionist influence is so prevalent that tests come back positive in every case, whether it is the air, water or even our toothpaste. There is no getting away from it. It is everywhere.

The uglier truth than this however is the fact that being smarter, better people, they–the intelligentsia of the West–should have been smarter and known better. Whether it be the secular governments of the West or religious institutions such as the Vatican, nothing substatively was done to prevent this monster being loosed on humanity. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens when you empty a mental asylum of its inhabitants, release them on civilized society and give them access to every weapon they demand. At the time, all they–the ‘better, smarter’ people of the West could envision was getting these perennial pains in the ass out of their countries so they could enjoy a little peace and quiet, but now as a result of their decisions Cain has been raised up from the depths of hell and, as one person once predicted, “…Men cry peace, peace, but there is no peace”.

Readers will recall a movie from the 1980’s entitled “Little Shop Of Horrors”, where this tiny, odd-looking plant in a small store suddenly gets its first taste of human blood and grows, and grows and grows until it becomes a monstrosity of sorts. The passersby are so intrigued they come in and as a result business is booming. The owner of the plant shop, enjoying the business this is all generating must provide his monstrosity with new victims everyday while not considering the possibility that eventually he would be next.

Thus has it been with the West and Israel. We willingly feed her the human sacrifices she demands, whether they be Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, or whoever, and now, she has become an uncontrollable monstrosity and now, realizing who may be next, we in the West are frantically trying to put the beast back in its cage without getting bit, but this is not possible. Indeed, she will continue to raise hell and tear this one-time Garden of Eden apart, and particularly when she needs her “fix” of innocent blood, and the only question remaining to be answered is whether we in the West, in reaping what we have sown on the rest of the world, will go out with a bang or a whimper.

© 2010 Mark Glenn


Source: https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/the-radioactive-nature-of-jewish-thinking-transforming-the-garden-of-eden-into-the-little-shop-of-horrors/#more-1430