June 17, 2024



The Putrid Smoke We’re Being Forced To Breath Contains Benzene And Formaldehyde

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

What’s In The Toxic Air We’re Breathing That’s Left Much Of America In A Dystopian Haze? Reports The Putrid Smoke We’re Being Forced To Breath Contains Benzene And Formaldehyde.

– Don’t Put It Past The Globalists Carrying Out Depopulation To Carry Out Chemical Warfare

Over the past 3 days, Susan Duclos, Hootie and I here in Western Maryland have been, like many others across the East Coast of America, living in a ‘haze‘ of smoke so thick we could quite literally smell it over the Frankincense and Myrrh essentials oil that we had burning in the house which always leave our home smelling peaceful and spirited, leading Susan to ask on that 1st day what kind of oil I was burning because it smelled like burning wood, and then wondering if someone had a fire nearby.

With the fires now burning in Canada over 300 miles away yet kicking up a smoke storm much worse than if one of our own neighbors were cooking up wood in their fireplaces, and quite literally completely blocking out our views of the gorgeous sun and the beautiful blue sky, as MSN News reports in this new story which was recently linked to on Steve Quayle’s website, tens of millions of Americans now face a relentless summer of smoke that for many won’t be completely ending any time soon, what Steve’s website warned was ‘geoengineering at its worst.‘ As this new story over at Heat Map reports, the East Coast’s toxic smoke cover could last until OCTOBER! 

And while today we no longer have that ‘code red‘ air quality alert that we had for the past several days, giving us a little bit of a reprieve so that we can actually go outside and breath somewhat fresh air that doesn’t smell like something putrid, like something awful was going on, we’ve got to wonder what we and millions of other Americans have been forced to breath in these last few days and earlier in June, and if all of this mess really is quite intentional, and another part of the globalists long war upon America and a key part of their ‘climate agenda,‘ not to mention their ‘depopulation agenda.’ 

With the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting Canada’s eastern provinces Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia have been hit particularly hard this year by large and at times uncontrollable blazes, with at least a whopping 480 active fires across the country, with 251 out of control and 152 under control, burning over 19 million acres of land already this summer, surpassing the previous annual record from 1989, as we’re warned in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, there’s a lot going on with these fires that ‘We the People‘ are NOT being told by our governments nor the mainstream media. 

So is it too far fetched to think that these fires were deliberately set, nothing less than arson, carried out by ‘global govt terrorists‘ to accomplish numerous objectives, including keeping people inside their homes, just like they did during the ‘lockdowns,‘ while attempting to ‘block out the sun‘ as we hear in the 3rd video at the bottom of this story, to help ‘ease global warming‘ in the globalists insane eyes, and is it too far fetched to believe that the evil devils just MIGHT be actually CARRYING OUT CHEMICAL WARFARE upon us via these fires? We’ll be looking within this story at that theory and much more but first, from this Becker News story we hear why one Canadian man believes this is all intentional. 

A Tik Tok user named Al Vanchon had his own beliefs about why the raging wildfires may be suddenly spreading throughout the Canadian wilderness.

“If you haven’t heard the latest up here in Canada, BC’s on fire, the East Coast is on fire, and now Quebec,” he said. “Quebec all in one day, the entire province caught fire on a beautiful day.” 

This is planned, and I’ll tell you why it’s planned,” he continued. “They want to move people out of the countryside, into cities, then they want to lock ’em down in 15 minutes cities. How do you do that? Contaminate the air, contaminate the water, and so on.” 

This is all a ploy and a plan to get people into cities to implement their smart cities,” he added. “And it’s the only way they can control you. First, they have to go to digital currency and get you into smart cities. This is happening and this is real. This is evil. This is pure evil.” 

The official line on how the wildfires in Canada started are that lightning strikes and unseasonably warm weather are to blame. There are many officials (ANPlike braindead Joe Biden himself!) attempting to blame “climate change” for the wildfires. 

So with the COVID lockdowns giving us absolute proof that the globalists love to ‘control us,‘ and keeping us locked within our own homes seems to be a key part of that sinister strategy as, God forbid, people actually go out to enjoy nature and our beautiful Earth, as we hear in the final video at the bottom of this story, according to several people who are on the ground investigating these Canadian fires, the smoke contains traces of both the chemicals Formaldehyde and Benzene. Is this chemical warfare? 

As we see in the map above taken from this Zero Hedge story, with the smoke blanketing Chicago and much of the Upper Midwest and air quality warnings in effect from Pittsburgh, Pa to Rochester, NY and throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions and into Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City, there are 10’s of millions of Americans in the line of fire of this funky haze, including the masses in America’s biggest cities, so a whole lot of people are constantly breathing in putrid air. 

And when we add in to that toxic mess all of that nasty stuff being constantly sprayed into the skies via ‘chemtrails,‘ actually ‘strategic aerosol injections,‘ as long warned by Dane Wigington over at his Geoengineering Watch website, take note that even the EU recently warned about the ‘potential unintended consequences of geoengineering‘ as reported in this Zero Hedge story, more proof those who’ve long warned about the globalists controlling the weather were right all along, not some crazy ‘conspiracy theorists.’

So while people like Joe Biden will blame all of these fires up in Canada on ‘global warming,’ along with that line of thinking becoming a talking point of ‘climate activists‘ and radical leftist politicians who claim ‘human activity‘ is the cause of the mysterious line of fires, as this new story over at News Addicts reports, the fact that civilian distrust of the government is at an all-time high following the authoritarian Covid response, the ensuing lockdowns, the mask mandates, and the vaccine mandates ensures that millions of Americans believe the government is also behind these fires.  

So with all of this smoke and haze hanging over America at a time when a colossal heat dome is already baking much of the country and causing huge crop failures as reported by Michael Snyder in this new story over at the Economic Collapse Blog, and the smoke leaving more than 120 million Americans under toxic air alerts this past week, we’ll take a look below at two comments from the final video. 

And with the smoke spreading across not only the Eastern half of North America but out into the Atlantic Ocean, too, and the large majority of the Eastern half of the country being forced to breath in toxic air while for now, the Western half of the country is mostly unaffected, we’ve also been reporting on ANP about a countless string of what seem to be ‘attacks‘ upon our critical infrastructure, with numerous food processing structures mysterious catching fire or otherwise being disabled or destroyed over the past few years, along with mysterious train derailments, some of them carrying toxic chemicals aboard that ‘went missing‘ as one commenter from that final video below points out.

Nobody seems to be talking about the 30 tons or 60,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate that went missing from a train back in April….EVERYONE KNOWS what is going on. So did my daughter. People will hold governments accountable. That is what they want, for you to stay inside. It’s called climate lockdowns.

FYI Formaldehyde and Benzene are 2 chemicals that can cause symptoms of “Ebola” which is haemorrhage and overbleeding. So take note of any FF in the near future for “Ebola Virus” scare. Don’t be fooled for what they may disperse in the air. It’s not a “virus”.

And while we here at ANP don’t have the proper instruments to check for such chemical agents in the air as we see in the 1st and the final video below, we know just how bad the air smelled several days in a row this past week, leaving Susan, who as most ANP readers know, had suffered a heart attack back in 2019, completely unable to breath for more than a minute or so, and me wondering JUST WHAT was in that air I was breathing, we certainly wouldn’t put it past the globalists to wage all-out chemical warfare upon the American people, via secretive but still deadly means, as we just saw ‘biowarfare’ being waged upon us via the ‘COVID op‘. So as always, our comment section below is open for your thoughts on these matters and whatever else may be on your mind.





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