Even With Vaccine Rollout Democrats Still Demand COVID-19 Lockdowns Into Unknown Future…

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Sundance

Many people are starting to wonder why the far-left is still relentlessly drum-beating the fear of COVID-19 and purposefully inflicting massive economic damage, despite the vaccine rollout currently underway throughout the nation.

Why are state and local officials still shutting down businesses and the media still pushing the overall narrative of fear?  Recently the highly manipulative left have stated that even after a person receives two vaccine shots, they must still wear a mask, remain socially distant, adhere with lockdowns and comply with all of the rules and restrictions….

If there is no life benefit, then why get vaccinated?

What many fail to realize is the purposeful deployment of COVID-19 was weaponized to achieve an objective. Those who are using COVID to create the great societal reset they desire are not going to let up.  They need COVID-19 as a justification for the expansion of government and the fundamental changes they are attempting to initiate.

If COVID-19 were no longer dangerous, they would lose the ability to weaponize it.  That’s why the virus is being pushed and, more importantly, that’s why even with effective treatment and vaccination protocols in place – they will not relent.  They need the virus to justify their plan.

The purposeful use of COVID-19 has two larger elements:

  • #1 is the bailout of financially insolvent states (CA, IL, NY) with taxpayer funds under the auspices of COVID support. {Go Deep}
  • #2 is using COVID-19 across a myriad of governmental agencies to justify a fundamental change in the scope of government. The Great Reset.

Number-one is self explanatory. Bailing out states and regional government has been an objective of the political left for many years.  COVID-19 is their excuse to do it.

Number-two is a little more challenging to understand because it is based on an ideological objective.  A need to create a greater dependency.  Or as the famous Fabian Society said: break the world and “remould it nearer to the heart’s desire.”

Or, in the words of Saul Alinsky, “never let a crisis to to waste”, even if you have to create the crisis.  This is what the far-left is doing right now.

An example today surfaces in the Joe Biden announcement of Pete Buttigieg to be Secretary of Transportation.

[…] “At its best, transportation makes the American dream possible,” Buttigieg said. “At its worst, misguided policies and missed opportunities can reinforce racial, economic, and environmental injustice, dividing or isolating neighborhoods, undermining government’s basic role to empower everyone to thrive.” (read more)

That entire statement by Buttigieg is an expression of social ideology.  These are the stakes in the next few weeks.  If the Biden team can take office they will weaponize COVID-19 to fundamentally transform the U.S.

Joe Biden is an avatar; a political pawn; a cognitively declining guy who has no idea what is happening around him. The Barack Obama people behind the Biden campaign, those in real control of what this is about, have not hidden their goals and aspirations. These are the ideologues.  They are scheming, conniving, ever-planning, ever-manipulating & Machiavellian types within the political system; lusting for power, influence and affluence.

The Dept of Transportation would be the agency enforcing a national interstate transit mask requirement.

This same agency will be the ones organizing the rules and regulations behind travel and the need for your vaccination passport: “papers please“!

However, don’t focus on the DoT part… that’s only one creek… Instead focus on the downstream use of all federal regulatory agencies and how they align within a Federal COVID compliance network… that’s the river.

Think about the Dept of Agriculture (SNAP/food stamps), the Dept. of Labor, the Dept of Education, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Dept of Labor, Dept of Energy and how they would join with the DoT to create the aggregate raging river of regulation.

Think about the federal government using mandates for enforced national COVID-19 compliance rules. Think about USDA (Dept of Agriculture) and OSHA federal inspections for social distancing (etc) in all businesses, not just restaurants.

Think about the COVID-19 regulatory and compliance system and what political beneficiaries stand to gain.

Think about the Dept of Education using COVID to restructure the way education is taught and the downstream regulations on charter schools and non-compliant educational systems that do not meet the ideological objectives of the master control plan.

Think about how the Dept. of Labor (complaint division) can be weaponized against political opposition based on arbitrary inspections under the guise of employee health and safety…. using federal COVID compliance rules.

Think about required days off for the entire employee base if a single infection is identified in the workplace. Paid days off…. funded by Federal Government. Think about how that changes the income dependency dynamic.

Think about the larger Green New Deal (goals and objectives), and then contrast those objectives while aligning an overlay map of how federal COVID mitigation rules can be applied as a back door to the EXACT SAME objective.

Far beyond masks…. Workspaces being forced to be redesigned. New rules on labor density. New rules on labor/manufacturing and office proximity. New rules on uniforms. New rules on hand-washing stations. New rules on sick pay, shift hours, time-off when a COVID infection is detected in the workplace.

Think about everything from rules on surfaces, to rules on packaging, to rules on ALL business operations as an outcome of federal regulatory policy under the guise of CVOID-19 mitigation. OSHA, Labor, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Education, Housing, Health and Human Services, and even federal building permits… the entire regulatory system and compliance network.

Think about Housing and Urban Development (HUD) having new rules about dwellings and complexes for housing grants. Population density; the need to move into the suburbs and the confiscation of private property to “ensure the common safety” of the citizens.

If you think this is fear-mongering, I want to to evaluate that cynicism while contemplating this recent example from California:

Think about those types of business regulations applied on a National level…. and then, as seen in prior Democrat administrations with IRS etc, think about them also being enforced through the prism of political affiliation.

Think about how states that refuse to participate will be cut off from federal grants and funding for college tuition, Medicare and/or medicaid reimbursement, etc. etc.

Think about what happens to Main Street USA?

Think about companies on the NASDAQ or national companies on the stock-market?

Think about how those USA-specific federal COVID compliance regulations apply when considering U.S. business operations -vs- just taking operations overseas without those worries.

Think about who in Washington DC then takes control of what types of business interests are allowed to operation…. who determines the winning and losing.

Think about how Federal COVID-19 regulations can be used to put the multinational corporate world back (the globalists) on their former financial pathways, even without TPP and TTIP trade deals.

[Every domestic regulation weaponized against Main Street USA is a win for the Wall Street multinationals.]

Think about how much China and Europe would love to see our economy knee-capped in a Biden regulatory stranglehold; essentially achieving the same objectives as the Paris Climate Treaty.

Think long and hard about how far the tentacles of achieving the Green New Deal can extend under the auspices of federal COVID-19 mitigation.

Remember, those who are working on this don’t care about the middle-class and they have not for decades. The visibility of the ‘rust belt’ is the reference. This is about government bureaucrats using their DC power-base to control trillions in economic value and sell their ability to influence the winners and losers to the highest foreign bidder.

Look at what blue states have already done to seize power and control. Now think about that same manipulative intent spread throughout the entire country by weaponizing federal agencies with advanced regulation.

That should start to frame the reference point going forward. Remember, within totalitarian states religion is a risk… the assembly for religious worship is always considered a risk to by those who demand control over free-thought and lives.

The national legislative priority will be entirely focused on retention of that power system by generating an entirely new form of congressional representation. New states, new senators, new election systems, and funding for the needs of the executive…. that will be the focus of the facilitating legislative branch.

Those globalists behind the executive branch; those controlling Joe Biden; will harness and weaponize the power. The legislative leftists will attempt to ensure the new systems they create under the guise of COVID-19 are never in a position to be withdrawn.


I will repeat what I have said before.  The flashpoint for the American electorate to take to the streets will not come as a result of a fraudulent 2020 election outcome; but will come as a result of desperation resulting from the oppression that will flow from COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Source: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/12/16/even-with-vaccine-rollout-democrats-still-demand-covid-19-lockdowns-into-unknown-future/#more-206156